Slag aggregates sales

Steel slag aggregates are produced from processing of material obtained during the execution metallurgical processes to manufacture steel from integrated steelworks ArcelorMital Hunedoara SA (former Siderurgica SA) and TMK – Resita.

Slag aggregates are ferrous materials, processed varieties with compositions and properties that allow the use in the following areas:

  • cement – the manufacture of clinker
  • road construction equipment – foundations, earthworks, construction of secondary roads
  • railroad construction equipment – foundations, earthworks
  • hydraulic engineering construction – shore protections, sloping, damming
  • civil engineering and industrial equipment – foundations
  • agriculture – soil mineralization, improving soil acidity
  • aprons processed, partially or totally replacing natural aggregates classic

From the point of view of environmental protection, steel slag aggregates or partially replace traditional natural aggregates, leading to improved environmental quality and habitat preservation by reducing the size of the slag and by preserving ecosystems through untapped natural resources.