About us

The company has developed permanently the activity, which reflected upon a rising evolution of the turnover, which during the years knew significant rises.

The people, who inspire our company, meaning putting them first, were and remain the correct way chosen by the company Swiss Trade. This is how, now, we have over 50 employees dedicated and skilled, for whom meeting the deadline and the real costs are values that are inherent, and who, through the dedication and the enthusiasm with which they get involved, they manage to conquer the beneficiaries of the works. The technical knowledge, the thorough working style, the professional training of great class as well as the accumulated experience, make up the base of a functional construction style offering in the same time the guarantee of quality and the constant.

Evolutie Swiss Trade

The Structure of the Company – Working Points

During the years the company of civil and industrial dismantling Swiss Trade has created a functional network of working points. With the help of these as well as of the efficient calculations regarding costs, the company can participate regularly and successfully at the most important projects in Romania.

Today Swiss Trade has 3 working points in the towns Hunedoara, Galati and Fieni.

The company has its headquarters in Hunedoara, being represented legally by Eng. Ion Rudeanu as general director. Now, the company has a number of 53 permanent employees, at which it is added the necessary workers and skilled personnel needed for the works we have in progress.