About us

SWISS TRADE, Romania is a company with fully private capital, founded in 2000, with headquarters in Hunedoara, Bdul 1848 no. 5, Hunedoara county.

The company has an experience of over 20 years in the field of demolition services of civil and industrial constructions, recovery of recyclable waste from demolition, preparation and greening of industrial land, over 10 years of experience in loading and transport activities in limestone quarries , basalt, granite and gypsum and over 10 years of experience in the activity of loading and transporting steel slag as well as its processing in order to capitalize on recycled products from this material.

From the establishment until now we have channeled all our resources to provide services and products at the highest quality while respecting our values: care for people, professional excellence and partnerships with mutual benefits.


We have a complex and balanced fleet of equipment which allows us to perform work tasks regardless of the size and type of operation. Operators have the necessary experience to obtain high-performance results in safe conditions.

In order to satisfy the requirements of our clients, we have implemented the best practices in the field, standardized and recognized internationally.

The logistical and technical endowment confers the certainty of the execution of the works in accordance with the requirements of our clients. These equipments have the specific endowments for working in quarries or gravel pits as well as for infrastructure and demolition works.

Quarry operation

Our company executes works at a high technological level and professionalism of exploitation in quarries.

In order to reach the maximum level of efficiency, our company has implemented an operational performance management system to reduce the total operating costs.


The permanent development through the latest generation technique ensures a high speed of execution of the works and the guarantee of a well executed work.

For a systematic approach to identify occupational health and safety risks, followed either by eliminating hazards or reducing related risks, demolition works are performed with full protection of neighboring objectives, by controlling the seismic wave and reducing the shock wave front, due to use the most modern and high-performance initiation systems.

For the optimal development of demolition activities, Swiss Trade has modern machinery and equipment that ensures the obtaining of high quality demolitions and specific to our field of activity: excavators equipped with large arms specific to demolition activities, heavy excavators equipped with pickaxes, sprayers and hydraulic shears, large front loaders, cranes, backhoe loaders, machines for transport in difficult conditions, reinforced concrete crushers, machines authorized and specially equipped for the transport of explosive materials.

Slag disposal, slag handling, aggregate processing

We specialize in the evacuation of hot slag and we execute it in conditions of operability and maximum safety. This operation is critical from the point of view of the production of a steel plant and is full of risks.

SWISS TRADE processes with its own installations and equipment that use state-of-the-art technologies to produce slag aggregates in accordance with current standards.

For deferring the raw slag we use top technological components for maximum recovery and we can deliver different dimensional fractions depending on the request of the partners.

The aggregates from the steel slag are products obtained following the processing of the materials resulting during the metallurgical processes during the steel manufacture from the metallurgical plant ArcelorMital Hunedoara SA (former Siderurgica SA).

Slag aggregates are non-ferrous materials, processed in sorts, with compositions and properties that allow use in the following fields:

  • cement industry – in the manufacture of clinker
  • road construction technique – foundations, embankments, secondary road constructions
  • railway construction technique – foundations, embankments
  • hydrotechnical construction technique – shore protections, slopes, dams
  • civil and industrial construction technique – foundations
  • agriculture – soil mineralization, soil acidity improvement

From the point of view of environmental protection, steel slag aggregates totally or partially replace the classic natural aggregates, which leads to improving the quality of the environment and preserving the habitat by reducing the areas of slag dumps and preserving ecosystems by not exploiting natural resources.