Demolari cu explozivi

We are proud to have 100 contracts successfully finalized and in complete safety. The most representative works executed by our company are mentioned in the reference list.

Dismantle of civil and industrial constructions (with explosives or mechanical):

  • Dismantle of the Blast Furnaces no.4,5 ,7,8,9 from within S.C. Siderurgica S.A.Hunedoara
  • Dismantle of the Sinter Bay no. 1 and 2 from within S.C. Siderurgica S.A. Hunedoara
  • Dismantle of the O.S.M. Bay no. II from within S.C. Siderurgica S.A. Hunedoara
  • Dismantle through works of shooting some foundations found on the location of the former coal mill, block no. 3, from within Steam Power PLant Mintia – Deva – The deallocation by mechanized means of the Industrial Furnaces
  • Dismantle of the existing foundations on the location of the future foundations, girdle and fans, which are between Electrolysis Bays no. 6 and 7 from within S.C. ALRO S.A. Slatina
  • Dismantle of the foundations existed on the location of the future foundations for fans VRA and VRB from within S.C. CASIAL S.A. Deva – Heidelbergcement Group
  • Breakings with explosive of about 5.000 t oversizes on hot metal from within S.C. Sidermet S.A. Calan
  • Dismantle of cyclone tower, riflers furnace no. 2 and remaking-consolidation of the access ladder and elevator within Lafarge Romcim , Hoghiz working point
  • Dismantle of the Palletization Bay and Car Garrage from within Lafarge Romcim, working point in Hoghiz
  • Dismantle by cutting with oxigas flames of the smoke chimneys of the Heating Station, Certeju de Sus
  • Dismantle by classic means of the block 105 studio apartments and of the block of non – family men (P+4) within the closing and cleaning works at the mine Ghelar Central
  • Dismantle of the funicular path and of the loading and unloading stations within the closing and cleaning works at the mine Ghelar Central
  • Dismantle with explosive of the administrative pavilion (P+3) and of the car pavilion from within Lafarge Romcim, working point Hoghiz
  • Dismantle with seismic protection of the railway bridge crossing the European road from locality Simian, Turnu-Severin
  • Dismantle of the resistance structure of the boiler room– Electric Station Paroseni
  • Dismantle and cleaning of the Lime Plant – Moldocim Bicaz – Heidelbergcement Group
  • Dismantle of Ledge and Bridge– Railway Station Sibiu
  • Dismantle electric filter 1,3 , Elevators – Marna Station����� Holcim S.A. Alesd
  • Dismantle of the lime burning kilns, clay breakers, limestone breakers and overhead cranes – Holcim S.A. Alesd
  • Dismantle with explosive of platforms from the interior of the Oxygen Plant Hunedoara
  • Dismantle of the resistance structure of the boiler room – Electric Station Paroseni
  • Dismantle BLAST FURNACE shop- floor – S.C. Combinatul Siderurgic Resita S.A. (Steel Plant Resita)
  • Dismantle and cleaning of the old Cement factory: Moldocim Bicaz- Heidelbergcement Group
  • Dismantle office building body‚ smoke chimney, clay breakers, Marna breakers– Holcim S.A.
  • Dismantle Mechanical Storage Room – Comat S.A. Sibiu
  • Dismantle Rolling Mill 800 – Mittal Steel Hunedoara
  • Dismantle Raw materials Mills ��� Cement Factory Holcim Alesd
  • Dismantle Water tower (water tank) from within – S.C. Protos S.A. Alba Iulia
  • Dismantle by works of shooting of the CF (railway)support wall in the Draging area from Constanta Harbour
  • Dismantle steel concrete foundations Sugar Factory – Tandarei, Ialomita County;
  • Dismantle of deallocated buildings from within the Medicinal Alcohol Factory Alba Iulia ��� S. C. Vinalcool S.A. Alba Iulia
  • Dismantle of the Bus station Deva – S.C. Quasar Industries S.R.L.
  • Dismantle of the Station Petrom no. 5 – Deva – S.C. Ra- Stas Construct S.R.L. – Resita;
  • Dismantle Electric Steel Shop no.2 ��� Mittal Steel Hunedoara
  • Dismantle buildings, the former Furniture Factory – S.C. Mobinex S.A.- S.C. Moldconstruct S.R.L. Piatra-Neamt
  • Dismantle and cleaning of the location of S.C. Contactoare Buzau – S.C. Kiz Projects Arad
  • Dismantle by shooting works of the Caustic Soda Bay from within Uzina de Produse Sodice Govora (The Sodic Products Plant in Govora)
  • Dismemberment and dismantle of the installations closed operationally from within Coke Chemical Plant ( coke gas exhausters, the raw ammonia water installation, coke gas primary cooling, coke gas final cooling, benzene distillation installation, benzene absorption installation, recirculation cooling water towers) – ArcelorMittal Galati
  • Dismemberment and dismantle of the installations ( BOC 1, BOC 2, pearlite bunkers, liquid oxygen tank, argon gasometer) from within Linde Gaz Romania, ArcelorMittal Galati platform
  • Dismantle, cleaning, evacuation of black oil and cutting large capacity basins from within Carpatcement Holding S.A. , Bicaz Factory
  • Dismantle and recovery of scrap iron – OE I site – ArcelorMittal Hunedoara

Works of prepairing the field (purifying):

  • Purifying works of the sie of the Electric Cables Production Bay – Lisa Draxlmaier Autopart ROMANIA– Hunedoara
  • Purifying the site of the new production bay from within the Industrial Park Gorj- Pirelli & C. Ambiente Technology S.P.A.
  • Prepairing the site SRM- Bumbesti-Jiu-RMR-Regel+Messtechnik Romania
  • Abolishing constructions, installing and purifying on the site from Hunedoara – S.C. North West Plaza S.R.L.